Twitchers Revisited


Oh, I know. Savi’s warbler is only present in the Fens. I suspect that Grasshopper Warbler range is extending though. They were fairly common in Co. Durham before we left, but quite scarce 20 years ago.


Mistle Thrush.jpg by -DaveBailey1-




Is there any way to post a video taken from my iPhone on here. It’s about 20 meg so will need a link somehow.


I think you would need to upload it to a video hosting site like YouTube and then post a link?

I don’t know Mick.


This was a test of embedding a video from You Tube. So far uploaded the file. !

Which didn’t work - bye for now :slight_smile:


Sorry, fail atm



Twitching from space…LoL :grinning:


I’ve been watching my robin pair this evening and the past few nights. They clearly have some hungry beaks to feed given their non-stop activity.

I cut the lawns today and did some digging over which has offered up a menu of winged mini-beasts and grubs which the robins have been taking advantage of.

I look forward to seeing these little gems.


Taken in my front garden a few days ago. Young buzzard who looks like it copped a sunbathing pigeon and is now being mugged by a magpie.


I don’t give out plaudits too often Mick but that is a great photograph. It perfectly captures hunter, hunted and opportunist.

You should submit it to wildlife photography competitions.


Thanks, I took it through the kitchen window. Saw what I first thought was a small bush or bit of rubbish, ran to find the camera and took a shot, realised the wrong lens was on, swopped to my biggest zoom and got 4 more shots.

When I tried to get the shot from outside it flew off.

I’m afraid it’s a bit out of focus to anything special and cropped a lot.


Since I’ve just been redirected to this thread, some of my ‘finds’ on Fetlar this autumn

Yellow-Browed Warbler in our garden

Upland Sandpiper (First record for Fetlar)

Female Redstart

Hopefully there will be more ‘finds’ to share before this autumn migration is over


Lovely photographs Paul. Thanks for posting them.


Bearded tit


On our neighbouring island of Unst. A Parrot Crossbill.

It’s an awful photograph, but in my defence it was blowing a gale and raining, but it shows the size of the bill and as it’s an extremely rare migrant…


Some winter visitors on Papil Water, Fetlar today. Two adult and one immature Whooper swans


Looks so incongruous among the pines.

Like a dinosaur in a carwash.


Today I was Birding at Farmington marshes - very pleased that i took my camera