Twitchers Revisited


Great shot, they’re not the easiest to capture.

Have you seen the pics of the Siberian Blue Robin trapped and ringed on Orkney this afternoon?

4th record for Britain. There’ll be a lot of twitchers throwing sickies tomorrow.


I have now - Cheers.


I spent 4 hrs birding today in glorious weather.

Not much about, except this little charmer


Yes, charming. Great photo.


Sorry, should have said. It’s a female Redstart.


and just by coincidence I am watching the amazing film of the birdman of Alcatraz


Great bearded tit. :slight_smile:



Woken up by an owl going mad yesterday. Before six.

There’s a few round here and when they all get going it’s a wonderful thing. Being dark it makes seeing them difficult even when you know where they are by the racket.

Usually the big tree in my garden! Some years I see them. This year it’s all been hearing them.


I’ll twitch you in a minute, bucket face :rage:


Went checking, since these were part of my winter soundscape memory of Shetland.


A Kingfisher of some kind in the aviary of the Valencia Oceanographic


Black-Crowned Night Heron


Cheers just goes to show how ignorant I am with all things avian Paul :joy:


each to their own, mate


A local heron looking particularly curmudgeonly

Standing heron.jpg by DaveBailey1, on Flickr


Ok stop rubbing it in :grin:


Pleased to hear Caroline Steel on ‘Inside Science’ (R4) today talking about soundscapes as a measure of bio-diversity. Lead me to finding this.


Todays birding fact.

A Clark’s Nutcracker (North American passerine) buries 30,000 pine nuts each autumn in an area covering 100 square miles. The following spring, it remembers the location of a staggering 70% of them


taken on Bryher -still editing holiday picks - got about 300 now down from 1500


Black-Browed Albatross

Hanging on a thermal

Gliding over the ocean

and, sitting on the nest