We are trialling a new forum landing page


@Rob998 will have liver failure and a meltdown if we start up on that…



Sadly our budget only extends to you looking at stuff on Autotrader and making your best guess as to what its like.


I can totally do that :thumbsup:


I like the new style, it is wonderful and you could literally not have done any better. Now fucking leave it alone you BMW driving wankers.


Catering to newcomers is where the rot sets in.


Fucking whores for traffic😂

What next, Google ads and a ban on bullying and swearing.


Thread of the dead, and now headers, pah


Fuck off you scrawny twat.


We are having a super-duper foo shop and then a maybe a Panto somewhere in Yorkshire at Xmas that nobody will go to if they are remotely sane. You can be an UltraButcher for £375 including VAT.


I like that :thumbsup:


£300 to you for cash and not a word to HMRC about the VAT. Limited time offer…


@crimsondonkey He called you a scrawny twat. :blonde_woman:


To be fair, both of them are, if you put both together you would make a @Jim.


Ooooooooh get you Hercules with your muscles and detachable teeth




Fuck off, the two of them would just about fill one of my shorts legs…


Smoking geezer doesn’t like stirrers and tell-tales?


Don’t talk about fight club!



Not being filler for your shorts legs (or short legs too) is a fine thing to have as a goal in life…


Anyway, this page is all @htm_1968’s fault, if he hadn’t linked to PFM last night, none of this would have happened. The 2 people that mentioned the format wouldn’t have been seen. :rage:


Yeah, he’s on there a lot, maybe it should be called YFM :laughing: