We have a live one - Mr MWS is being Trolled - Calling AA rescue services


Black vinyl - on the boots maybe
Ringwear - probably
Split seams - more than likely
Spindle marks - :scream:
One careful owner - feck off…
Surface noise/scratches/needle marks - :nauseated_face:

Typical Discogs ad by the looks of it.


Those heels look either conical or shibata










I’d dry bang that inside out.


I’m somewhat curious about the vinyl for sale. This person might have eclectic tastes.


I am sorry to report myself and Sam have broken up. I’m rather cut up about this but my wife said I was being cruel and to “Knock it on the head” there seemed little point in laboring the joys of troll with my second trimester wife so I let go with Love…Sam on the other hand may well have other ideas, it would seem I am now the target of other perverse intrusions.

The latest…

Perhaps Sam thought I was being a little uptight? I can only pray the be-bolloxed minx packs it in before Wednesday or my newfound text buddies will be dragged through the mind gardens hedge.


… backwards.

Seems deliciously appropriate. :slight_smile:


It’ll be fine. You might want to bring the pets indoors for a day or two though.



He has cuffs and a baseball bat (ooh the back passage pain).


It goes on …


So she’s available now?


‘Her’ chocolate starfish is ready and waiting.


Also with front located grab handle for greater purchase.


I rather like sam, but I’m not possessive. It feels good she might get some business from her efforts


I’ll send a map to the dungeon


Sam is not laying off - today’s instalment


In fairness, that is not a badly turned ankle.

As Mr M.W.S. has been heard to mutter …" Beauty is only a light switch away". :slight_smile: