Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)


This change will improve anything.


Just had two of them, toasted, lashings of butter.

Very nice indeed and a huge improvement over Tesco Finest. Spices only just shy of optimal, not doughy at all, nice juicy fruit. 8.5/10


I’m not really into hcbs anymore.

Crumpets are where I’m at presently.


Fuck off ! Rong thread.


I’ve decided it doesn’t matter where I post stuff… you and that other be-bearded fuck just move them around and merge at will. :slight_smile:


Troo dat.
Although my Bruv is more “enthusiastic”, shall we say :smirk:


As usual you are slower than a slug on mogadon - my bruv no longer has a beard. :roll_eyes:


That’s just showing off


Of all the culinary crimes committed through the ages, the hawaiian pizza is the most infamous.

Pineapple goes with nothing but pineapple.

The end.


Cheese, it goes with cheese.


Do I remember pineapple fritters?

I’m sure they were in chip shops years ago.


Yep, lovely too




Pineapple does not go with cheese.

Pineapple does not go with gammon.

Pineapple fritters are fucking horrible.




Pineapple is just lovely on its own.


Pineapple with melted chocolate


Pineapple with Stilton.


Grilled pineapple on a burger.


Pineapple salsa.