Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)




Tinned - good for some things - fish cakes, rissolles, sandwiches, niçoise - stuff where it is dressed or moistened
Fresh - Only good for Sushi, and then it has to be the fat belly.


Strapline du jour


Had two large crumpets generously buttered, betopped with a couple of slices of strong cheddar this morning.



Would have been better with pineapple as well :+1:


Chutney Sir,

The cheese crumpet is naked vulnerable and abandoned without the correct condiment.


Crumpets toasted, topped with Stilton, then grilled.

No chutney required.



Chutney not essential, but a jigger of onion marmalade serves to add piquancy sometimes :drooling_face:


using tweezers fill each individual hole in the crumpet with a short strand of chive put the cheese on the crumpet, anoint with chopped red onion and melt under the grill.


What is the difference between a marmalade and a chutney? Is it a sugar thing?


Or a conserve and a preserve ?




Tinned packed in oil or broth, packed in water is not good. A mates Filipino girlfriend mixes up a tuna salad with pineapple in it, not bad axurally.
Sushi really is the best way to eat most fish :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s worth the queue. Used to drive passed on the way to work… I will be making a detour back there in a week or two…


tuna in broth - never come across that. I agree about oil. The no-drain tuna in a can is as dry as the proverbial wotsit


Wotsits are nice.

But not with pineapple.

Or tuna.


The H.C Loaf



The things I’d do to one of those HC loafs if I got it alone::heart_eyes:


Chutneys contain vinegar, marmalades don’t.