Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)




Surely, an unglazed hcb is just a fancy bap…


Glaze is for sticky fruit buns, HCBs are a more sophisticated dough, wetter and spiced, glazing adds nothing IMO.


First you eat with your eyes - Feast on sticky enticement. Crave the promise of lip smack. Ogle in shiny wonderment - Then taste


But they are for lent, to be eaten before Easter Sunday. After that they can be forgotten for the foreseeable future and a delightful array of sticky and iced buns can return to the menu.


Personally I think lent is too long and can usually only endure them for 2-3 weeks.



They’re half price for 3 weeks afterwards.

Gotta love a bargain :wink:


Exactly…and by which time mince pies are starting to be sold again as the Christmas run up begins.

The circle is squared.


I think it has to be HCB, then Scones, then briefly muffins (the heady days of conspicuous excess) then finally mince pies.


If we’re doing C of E cakes then you’ve left out simnel cake and also missed pancake day. There may be others …



Quite right.

On a similar note, Christmas ain’t over until the puddings are reduced to 50p.

(That’s usually about the second/third week in January).


Surely you mean bread cake…? :thinking:


Lent? :thinking: How does that work, you can’t return them after you’ve eaten them…


I’m sure you can, but you are likely to be arrested.


Let’s just get this nailed down before it goes too far…


When a ‘Northern Monkey’ proclaims, EEEEEEE, I’m sweatin’ cobs! Do they mean bread rolls or one of the other types of cob? I’ve always wanted to know…


Cob means round, so for the ignoramus sweating cobs means working hard and getting large round beads of sweat.


You need to ignore my anus :smile:


Do one about baps. That will be much betterer.