Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)


Moar butter req’d.


Agreed. We couldn’t get hold of much in Savile Row on a Tuesday afternoon. We cadged a couple or foil wrapped portions from the branch of Eat around the corner! I promise better preparation next time. :+1:


A statement full of promise…Please to inquire if any of the finer emporiums could be persuaded to ship par baked?

Devonshire idiot stands committed to paying over the odds for luxuriant hot n’ angry buns.


H.C.B bread & salted butter pudding


We had some today, miniatures with chocolate chips, co-op I think.

Tasted ok just cold, no butter.


We must have a full report on the outcome :+1:


I don’t know what to make of this.

On the one hand, it highlights man’s inability to stand stiĺl, yet on the other, it shows an utter contempt for all that is holy (and fruity).


Found the above pic of the floating Jebus buns on t’ internetz and felt similar conflict. I do like B&B pudding made from Panetone or Chocolate Brioche so just perhaps …


Bun n butter pudding… this dessert has epic potential but I can see several large faults in the example above. I am not seeing much in the way of butter in that pic. Also, In my view any bread n butter pudding needs the surface area of the bread maximised so that the custard soaks into it. I think every bun should cut be cut into 8 and each piece buttered (salted, natch) on one side. The pieces should then be lent against one another in rows with corners uppermost. The custard should be poured over the entire thing and then it should be left for 20-30 minutes to soak. I would then cook it in a Bain Marie for 15-20 minutes, or until the custard has only just set. The protruding corners should have a crispy edge and this can be helped along with a blow torch after cooking. I would serve at room temp with ice cream, after a dusting. Easter shall be spent obsesssing over the perfect homemade bun and then this for dessert on Sunday. :+1:


Hot with room temperature clotted cream


A handful of sultanas, soaked in Grappa or even Morgan’s Spiced rum, liberally tossed over the top prior to baking could be a thing…


Mmm, grappa. Now you’re talking my language.


Yeah, a good one, not yer paint stripper. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


my Dad loves grappa - for his birthday a couple of years ago I made up a tasting set from the sample sizes you can buy from here

It was a nice way of exploring different ones without having to buy full bottles of them all.


I personally would go a bit more “rustic”; buns roughly torn up (ohh err) to give more surface area to soak up custard and get crusty. Couldn’t agree more with the addition of booze soaked sultanas :+1:


Utter bollocks.

You are welcome.


Good point, well made.


Got some dough rising in the oven which will hopefully in a few hours be some HCBs. Never made them before.


Is it possible to put too much cinnamon in a hot cross bun?


A HCB should be well spiced, IMHO.