What albums have you bought lately?



I’m a regular there at the moment. Nearly got enough stamps on my loyalty card to get a free record!


Looks a great shop. Wish we had a decent independent shop.

Love the name :smile:


Don’t get too excited it’s Rick Wakeman plays Wartime Favourites :smile:


Fuk dat shit.

Its a free record of my choosing, and short of lobotomy I ain’t choosing that wizardy bollocks nonsense any time soon. I mean, you’d have to be retarded right?


It’s a shame they split after the first three classic EPs.


And I’ve just come across the double CD version in a charity shop for 50p, mutter grumble mutter :angry:


The Angolan album arrived today…hmmmm, not entirely sure what to make of it. If I hadn’t of read all the stuff on here I would have said Cuban. Reminded me a lot of a little Shebeen I used to go to back in the day…the Sol y Sombre, Charlotte Street, W1


The new car only has a cd player so for the first time in a decade I have bought a few cds.


You can still get CD players in cars?


I meant new to me. The car is 14 years old.


Did they remove the 8track to install that cd thing?


You can mock but it’s a Bose cd :thumbsup:


Oh, it’s the Alfa. I had the Bose system in mine. It really was shit. I went through 3 amps in 7 years (I tend to keep cars too long).


First purchase of the year.





Angel Olsen - “My Women”


wrong place


Was this meant to be in the AA Tagline thread? Seems a good one!