What albums have you bought lately?


a sense of bewilderment and astonishment that I didn’t have any of the studio albums by Depeche Mode - so I bought them all on CD


A couple more albums with great reviews, furthering my explorations of George Haslam’s output.



Rounding off with this 1999 recording from The Michell Garrick Band which is supposed to be pretty damn good & features plenty of notable performers, including Steve Waterman & Anita Wardell. A bit of big band Garrick generally goes down very well with me!


All on CD.


Bought my daughter the Car Seat Headrest album on LP -bloody good stuff, didn’t want her to take it home with her.



Thomas Dolby - 5 CD Original Series Boxset




A two CD box set from the Hilliard Ensemble & Jan Garbarek.



My second stab at buying this last 'un. Let down again by Dodax who I’ve found fairly woeful on a few occasions now. Dispatched through DHL Global & never arrived. Escalated to a claim today with Amazon & refunded immediately. Pissed off with the Dodax suggestion of canvassing my neighbourhood to see if misdelivered, rather than a straightforward reimbursement or offer to replace that seems typical with other sellers.

I usually get three or four that don’t turn up each year, that’s usually out of a few hundred separate deliveries.

Sourced this copy S/hand from Renew entertainment on Amascum with next day Prime delivery for only £2-04. Pretty good for a fairly rare now out of print album.


From a recommendation on here, @Jim I think.

Took bloody aaaages to turn up from Amazon marketplace. Eventually arrived from Switzerland of all places.


Sasha Scene Delete, the whole album as a continuous mix for 99p

One of those odd price aberrations you stumble into occasionally. Normally the continuous mix is only available as part of an album purchase.

It’s 256kbps VBR mp3 mind you, but who’s counting.

Most of the John Digweed “Live In …” albums are available on 7digital in a similar manner.


This on Sounds of Vinyl. Limited edition. Only 500 available


See sound of vinyl cancelled the placebo and a couple others I ordered


I was most surprised to get a package from them containing my orders. I expected to be cancelled and then bombarded with spam for reissues on coloured vinyl in shopping bags…:innocent:


The 3 LP gatefold jobbie.


I will definitely be buying this when its hopefully released in June - special edition of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’, mastered by Bernie Grundman and over 3 discs with some previously unreleased tracks and presumably studio quality tracks which have been extensively bootlegged.

I’ve enjoyed the extended version of ‘Computer Blue’ for a while as its probably my favourite Prince track, so have high hopes for great SQ version that I’ve been waiting the last 25 years for.






Nice. What’s the mastering like?


Not had a proper listen yet, just played a few tracks from side one. From what I have played I would say OK. Doubt I will have time for a full listen till next week. The blue vinyl is rather nice though :grinning:


Royal Blood’s new one. HERE


Aren’t the arrangements a bit simple for your tastes Terry? And how do you get going when most of their tracks are about 3 mins long - that’s an intro to you isn’t it? :grinning:


RSD 2017 Orange LP


Cosmic Dead - Psych is Dead - Orange LP