What albums have you bought lately?


Amancio D’Silva - Integration



This arrived on my desk about an hour ago. First spin tonight when I get home…



Continuing my exploration of lesser known goodies on the Slam Productions label.


∆∆ Been meaning to get this one for a while, to complete my collection of Stekpanna’s recorded output.


This is is supposed to be a very high bar album by a contemporary violin duo. Pastor also contributes some electronic instrumentation. He’s rapidly becoming one of my fave contemporary fiddlers.

I’ve a feeling this would probably float @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi (Terry’s) boat.




Review for “First Time Ever” by Mandy Fox & Hara

Cadence, March 1997

This is an interesting mixture of folk music and jazz. Mandy Fox is a singer with a cultured, melodic voice who is equally at home with near-Eastern drones, soaring jazz and Celtic harmonies. She has the ability to speed up from conventional singing into a high pitched wait that recalls Flora Purim. This works on the near-Eastern stuff like ‘Invocation’, as well as on successful fusions of British folk music and jazz like ‘First Time Ever’ and ‘She Moved Through The Fair’. Piano and electric bass decorate a simple but moving vocal on the former while the latter slowly rises from a hushed vocal to an elegant jazz waltz and, finally, a climbing, woolley tenor solo by Penrose Feast matched by Fox’s siren vocal. Feast is a strong liberating presence throughout this CD and this robust playing is his finest moment. The entire band’s strength matched with Fox’s gorgeous vocal make this CD compelling listening. Highly recommended.

All these albums have received good reviews​ from respected sources.

Slam Productions have collated a good selection of reviews for most of their albums. They are much more consistent in doing this than many labels & I for one certainly find this most helpful/useful.


All t’ above on CD.


On pre-order

Deluxe vinyl set thingy

Clear vinyl


Must get a copy of that…



Got it from the 4AD website. I have must of their stuff from the early days and only spotted the album last week. Really want the 4 cd collection but that’s going for stupid money nowadays


Charity shop


I have a soft spot for Ms Cline


Me too. I’m not sure why. There’s a hint of something (a view of a lost 1950’s America perhaps?) that I can imagine someone like David Lynch might make use of.


She just has such a unique , almost innocent voice. Couldn’t listen to her too often, but there is a time and a place where she shines


She is shit.




Sorry. I’m already in Eurovision mode.


Me too. I will soon have an hour or so of tunes before the fun starts. Let us discuss the musical merits of the various countries on t’other thread. I feel a lot of ‘wank’, ‘shite’, ‘double wank’ and ‘fuck, what was that’ comments to come :slight_smile:


Don’t forget ‘Get to fuck’, ‘Arrogant … twats’ [insert cuntry of choice there], and above above all ‘Feckin’ Strayans’.

For the record, I shall not be watching it as I cannot get tanked enough (at all) to cope with the wankfeckshittery and general bollocks of the whole thing.


Then just sit back and enjoy the complete lunacy of it all


No way. A least not without general anesthetic first.