What albums have you bought lately?


as you wish. tis the other thread for me :joy:




With thanks to Al./@spacehopper for the reco’ for the first album on this order.


The next two are both on t’ Slam Productions label.



All on CD.



Today’s vinyl haul from The Sound Machine in Reading…


Proper minty. M/M







M/Vg. Finally found a version on vinyl


Dead Gurus - Acid Bench


Winging it’s way from Ukraine as I type.

CD I’m afraid, the vinyl is way beyond what I’m prepared to pay.




Pretty sure I have a few of these in the loft.
Only 50p each though


An album i’ve been after for a while’



Just dropped the Kraftwerk cd box set.

By clicking amazon.de (even has English option) and buying there it saved me fifteen quid!

Almost tempted to buy the German language one too



Red vinyl



Nice. Kraftwerk boast that the vinyl set has brilliant SQ.

I was considering getting the bluray set as I’ve got a headphone socket on my BR player feeding the TV, and an Oppo into my hifi which would give me hi res output.

One question - have they mixed the sound of the audience out or left it in?


It’s left out



Lovely. I’ll bet that Saint Saens 3 is a nice record.