What albums have you bought lately?


It would appear the blu ray version is the only one with the headphone mixes? What audio resolution are they? CD quality or high res?

I’d have to buy a 4m long optical to get my PS4 to reach my Hugo TT. Or move the TT I suppose!

It’s a shame they didn’t add them to the cd set. Mine should arrive today, which isn’t bad as a German amazon order two days ago!

(As well as mixing the sound of the audience out there is very little visual to evidence the crowd, apparently, and not even that much of the group… the what hifi review online likens it to watching a private gig!)


Some of the headphone mixes are available on TIDAL. I’m a tad underwhelmed by it all. Must nip into town later and pick up the vinyl having said that…


The sooner you all realise Kraftwerk are dump, the better for everyone.



So basically they’ve taken the studio out on tour, invited fans to basically pay for the costs of producing a full set of remixes, knocked out a range of box sets on the back of it and charging the fans again for slightly remixed versions of albums they already have?

Smart fuckers these Germans.


I have about 4 kraftwerk albums,still don’t think i’ve listened to one all the way through.

They are in my “not sure if they are genius or a bit pooey pile”


My eight cd version just turned up.
Disc 7, the Mix, is headphone mastered, so I guess it’s going to be a bit pants on speakers, but great on my Hugo TT. The vinyl has the same headphone mix on disc seven!

“CD and vinyl versions feature Tom Ammermann’s special binaural headphone mixes, so surprisingly you will be getting a taste of 3D audio via conventional headphones even on vinyl”

All clear as mud in the various press releases and track listings. This is accurate:


The sq on the vinyl is really excellent :+1:


That is reassuring as there has been some muttering about pressing laws. I was going to pick up my copy this afternooon but I’m fucking poleaxed by the yellow today. The playoff final has my attention…

Are the downloads FLAC @Jim ?


Haven’t a clue Olan, I’ll probably not bother to download it - happy to spin the big plastic version :slight_smile:

Anyone want the code?


The web says it’s MP3 with vinyl.


That is a bit of a joke given the price of the vinyl :disappointed:


I’d confirm it as I don’t believe all that’s written out there… seen MP3 mentioned at least twice specifically.

You’d expect FLAC, and I’m not sure I’d be happy at that given you have the hi res masters used for the vinyl itself and in the blu Ray pack.

Having bought the CDs I’d still hanker for a rip of the hi res stereo and headphone mix albums. Maybe talking myself into buying that as well!


It’s called ‘LP’ if it’s not obvious.



It’s our wedding anniversary today. Ann bought me the 180g version of this


Congrats Jim :tada:

Good album that :thumbsup:


Cheers Terry :grinning:


The new / only Kite Base album.

Whoever is in charge of selling their stuff needs a jolly good talking-to. It’s actually quite difficult to buy this album.

You can buy the CD from their site (not Amazon). Or the the mp3 7Digital. It was downright difficult to buy a FLAC download. Eventually found it on Juno Download, which is always pretty comprehensive despite having a user interface straight out of Satan’s backside.


Top tip Guy.

Following seeing this post earlier, I popped on the Juno download site & did a search for Bobby Hutcherson & came across this


Available as a FLAC download @ £12-49 for 30 tracks. A little further research revealed it to be this Mosaic Select series box-set, which has been on my radar for ages. It tends to be well over sixty sods on average before likely added import costs & now even seems to often change hands at well over a ton these days. I’ve been kicking myself since passing on a copy for around £35 last year, as I didn’t realise at the time what a bargain this was.

It is actually five full albums originally released on the Blue Note label between 1974 & 1977.

The albums are : “Cirrus” 1974; “Inner Glow” 1975; “Waiting” 1976: "The View From The Inside 1976; “Knucklebean” 1977.

Pretty much all classics & Knucklebean & Cirrus in particular have been on my must get list too.

Anyhoots, I’ve been busy with sorting out all the correct tagging, separation 'n assigning correct artwork etc for all these. Just reindexing the server now so should squeeze at least several of these in for a first listen in a short while.

Been a bit of a bumper week for Bobby Hutcherson, as I also have this arriving tomorrow. >>

This is three albums on two ceedees & has only just been released on the BGO label. There is a similar offering for Arthur Blythe also coming out imminently.