What albums have you bought lately?


Glad it worked out for you.

Juno were always a dance music (as in EDM, not waltzes) site, as was the original record shop on Berwick Street IIRC.

But fairly recently they seem to have picked up access to a very extensive back catalogue, as witnessed by you finding some fairly recherché jazz gear at sensible prices :smile:


You’re Stephen Fry aren’t you?


First of a few new albums to arrive

Jeffre Cantu-Ledesma - On The Echoing Green


Unfortunately two albums I had ordered were out of stock - just need to find replacements :grinning:



Chet is one of my favourite albums - superb - not familiar with the other one tho’


You’re right about Chet. It’s a lovely album. I’ve had it on cd for about 20 years and never tire of it.

I recently bought two other Gil Evans albums - Priestess and Out of the Cool. I really like both so I thought Into the Hot would be a safe bet but the first listen suggests it’s not great. I’ll reserve judgement for now.

Edit - I just read the allmusic review by Scott Janow. It explains a lot. I should have read it ahead of purchase. Hey ho.


Has anyone received their copy of oknotok yet, was supposed to be shipped early June?


I know the album now just never twigged it was a different cover to the Impulse one - fud.

I think I’ve got it on cassette actually !


Perhaps it’s been held up by a court injunction from the estate of Roy Orbison? :thinking:


Kill West - Gush

LP on Stolen Body Records



Drone Jams Vol I - White LP and

Drone Jams Vol II - Splatter effect clear LP


Been pondering ordering those two. Listened a bit on the DRR site… What do you think?


Haven’t been released yet but I get pretty much everything DRR and the stuff I have listened to I think is pretty good and will grow into very good.


Think I will plump for the two disc deal. Got a birthday coming up…not that I need an excuse. :beer:


I don’t think you’ll be disappointed but I’m not sure Vol I is still available. It tends to sell out rather quickly.


Now look what you made me do! Bundle still available according to website. Order placed.

I expect more raised eyebrow action from SWMBO when the parcel arrives.


I heard ‘shipping Friday’ on the radio earlier today


:grin: I get that all the time mate, you sort of become immune to it.