What albums have you bought lately?


I have Vol I and order Vol II a couple of days ago. Space Spectrum have a rather extensive back catalogue on Bandcamp that is worth a listen. FWVLIW I introduced Adam who runs DRR to the band.


OK Computer on that there blue vinyl.
Looking forward to hearing a track or 2 of it live at Old Trafford Cricket Ground July 4th (Glastonbury being just the rehearsal)


Got an email today from the oknotok store saying it has been shipped :slight_smile:


Cracker of a record from Beyonce’s sister, Solange.
HMV fathers day vinyl, from the dog.


Superb Japanese jazz

Really is an amazing sountrack

Great inner sleeve poster

New print of their debut album


Arrived today


∆∆ Third attempt at buying the above album. First never turned up from a seller I have found consistently poor/unreliable & more recently from another who sent me an entirely different album of choral Ukrainian folk music, which I have elected to keep anyhoo as it actually looks interesting. At least it is here finally & will get a first play today, as I have been keenly lookin’ forward to hearing it.


∆∆ Rounding off with what looks like a v promising freebie from Bandcamp. Available as a lossless FLAC download. >>

George Haslam ‘Festival Internacional de Free Jazz 2016’ Live performance, George playing with Ruben Ferrero I believe, with whom he has collaborated a fair bit over the years.

∆∆ This last should be a bit of a treat too. Very promising from t’ reviews I have read. Actually been here around a week, so must rip it later today. A fairly rare state of affairs for me, but it has taken a while to absorb all the mega Blue Note/Mosaic box-sets I’ve also bought recently.


On vinyl


On vinyl


Me too, triple blue vinyl


wrong place


A nice further trio of George Haslam albums.


Today at Cranage, I have them both already in different forms, but I love these. 180G vinyl.


Exit Planet Dust is my favourite.



Both LP


Went down well at Cranage :thumbsup:


I have just bought the first two on vinyl, equally as good. :thumbsup:


I got the first Richie where did you get curiousities from?


Discogs. Wasn’t cheap and when it arrived for some reason the missus left it on top of the xo I which stays on. It now has a warp in it. :rage:


I would be gutted but then I’d sooner that than a warped missus