What albums have you bought lately?


Oh, I don’t know, it’d be interesting for a while, as long as you have your exit strategy sorted…


while, being 24 hours, no more


Depends on which direction she’s warped :smiling_imp:


Kill West - Gush



hehehehehehe :slight_smile:


Another from the Lopwell weekender


I’ve ordered that too but its not arrived yet :disappointed:


Three strange Polish singers.


presumably these three?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bNikokdFtk

interesting - wish I could understand Polish

ah, here’s the album: https://sutari.bandcamp.com/album/osty-thistles


Sorry, I should have said Bandcamp. It’s the second one of theirs I have bought; the quirkyness appeals to me.
Here’s another one, my wife also really likes this.

Bandcamp again.


Vinyl, s/h but pretty much as new.





All arrived today. 2 arrived by mail, 2 picked up in Probe.


Both the Space Spectrum Albums arrived yesterday but I won’t get a chance to play them for a while :frowning:

Any good SQ wise ?


Musically the first one is great, but I haven’t listened to it in yonks so can’t comment on the sound quality. Adam always produces nicely pressed quiet vinyl and has rejected a run of 300 LPs recently, so this should be not surprise. I haven’t listened to the second one yet.


Yea, I believe that was the Zofff -Kozfest Album


I shall be cueing both albums up this evening :man_dancing:


I’ve listened to it now. Given that they record very quickly and on a tight budget it is OK in terms of sound quality. There is a lot of noise on the run-out of the second side of my copy. I’ll be interested to hear if your copies are the same.


I also received a spare cover for Volume I, which was nice…