What albums have you bought lately?


Yes, so did I.

Odd !


Vol I sounding excellent :+1:



Like a bit of psyche do you, sir?


Nope. The artwork on the initial run of Space Spectrum Vol 1 was sub-standard so Adam had the printer redo it. That left 300-odd sleeves to be used as filler in the mail-out. I remember pulling out the spare sleeve from the mailer and being quite annoyed my cover was fucked until I pulled out the record in a pristine cover. IIRC the ink bled making for a blurry image.


Nope. Free gift innit. Cos we’re special. :clown_face:


My copy of Vol II (red vinyl) is pretty damned quiet. Great sounds.




Mine is on clear splatter vinyl. I’ll bung it in the RCM to see if I can get rid of some of the surface noise.


I’ve pre-ordered this a while back. I love the review, it is an all-out assault the likes of which the AAAC only can aspire to.


I don’t think he liked it.


"music that sounds little better than offcuts from dire late 00s trip-hop act Lemon Jelly. "



despite being the musical equivalent of one of those dreadful Blitz-themed club nights where people who work in advertising get drunk while dressed in 40s garb before going home to clean up the gin sick with a Keep Calm & Carry On tea towel. :grinning:


Like Tina Turner then


Tricky - False Idols - Vinyl

Got it here: https://tricky.greedbag.com/buy/false-idols-5/
Despatched within 8 mins :slight_smile:



Can’t get rid of them fast enough :smiley:


Birthday present :heart_eyes:

Phoenician Drive - Two Coins EP, picked up @Bristol Psych Fest


Hoping they’ve done a good job on this long awaited reissue -


Titles a bit blurry Wayne