What albums have you bought lately?



What pressing is that Paul ?


Allan, it’s this 2016 re-issue on Jazz Images. I got it from Amazon.


Cheers - good pressing ?


I’ve only played it once but it was excellent at first listen. Flat too which is a bonus.




The second wasn’t particularly cheap so a good excuse for the Mrs would be appreciated guys


The cider made me do it


I don’t need likes |Loo, I need fuckin excuses


Would that work with your other half, I ask myself ?


Just play her Another Girl Another Planet :+1:


Try to slip her one of @loo’s magic tablets. She’ll be so angry with you for trying (or so mellow if you succeed) that you’ll get away with the new LPs.


Not normally no - but she’s so off her face on meds after her op at the moment I can buy with impunity (until she’s well enough to kick my arse that is) :joy:


As I spend half my life obsessing over records I want and the other half lurking in record shops it is highly unlikely another woman will ever find me attractive :smile:


At the moment I have but the fuse is burning …


Just the sort of self honesty that makes this a far healthier place than some! :ok_hand:


Nah, the RIGHT girl will


Ah yes…good ole Slack Alice!!





Coke bottle vinyl. Whatever the fuck that is.

The Žywiec made me do it.