What albums have you bought lately?


Went to see them back in the day was a great night out






listening center - example one




Both are excellent. The Vic Mars is a favourite here.


Must admit to looking forward to playing that one particularly Olan


Is there a download or cd anywhere?

Im struggling.


A bit here? https://soundcloud.com/vicmars


Don’t think it’s on Bandcamp either


Fuck Buttons - Street Horrrsing

Double LP


His Land and the Garden Lp is worth checking out as well.


Just picked up

on cream vinyl.


New photo by Guy and Gill Sergeant
From the Ford (Sussex) car boot. Particularly pleased to find the Spencer Davis album. Hadn’t seen it before.


Picked these two up

Both on a whim, just spinning the Americans one now. So far so good if a little retro modern twist


You in Bognor then?


Nearby but didn’t want to arouse Jim’s envy too much. Sun is out, we’re throwing some pork in a pit full of hot rocks and I’ll be trying to catch a sea bass later.


Pit pig pictures please


Pork was pulled but no pics as phone wasn’t nearby. Delicious though. Bass fishing was brief as an excess of seaweed churned up by rough seas made it futile. Will try again in calmer waters.


I had been looking forward to images of the Luau Pig. Did you go the whole hog with grass skirts?


They are cloth skirts, the grass items are knee garters. I do think the whole ensemble would suit Guy down to the ground though!