What albums have you bought lately?


Aaaaand…another one

EP, pre-order


Bought at concert today


Numero, Sea faring strangers. I’m not a fan of comps but Numero always do a nice job with excellent packaging, linear notes and full royalties to long forgotten artists.


I stuck a bit of that on yesterday morning and my Mrs laughed out loud and then replied if you think that will get me in a Saturday night mood you calendar is clearly out of phase.
That was that.


Part of my continuing programme of buying up all 90s electronica & dance CDs ever, for £1 from Amazon.


I’ve been doing similar over the last couple years. Going through a 90s big beat phase at the moment.

Buy cd, rip cd, play cd to death in car, file away cd in a big folder and throw the case in the bin.


Almost exactly the same for me, only I don’t have a car :smile:


I’d ordered this LP weeks ago but it got lost in the post. To add insult to injury it arrived just after my deck gave up turning. Thankfully it came with download codes so I’ll get a listen later.


Listening Centre, Example One
Morpheox, Soviet System
Vorderhaus, Minor Activity (signed copy from bandcamp as it comes with the FLAC code).

All on shiny new vinyl to give me some more hiss free toons.


I’ve just bought all three of those too!


And the latest Drone Rock release on heavyweight green splatter.


Same here. Listening to it on their website now and really liking it.


Got all those too.

You need to add Cosmic Ground - The Watcher :slight_smile:


Same here.


Vorderhaus by far and away my current fave - love the early 80’s new romantic stylee.


The whole run of records on Polytechnic Youth and Deep Distance are pretty excellent. The Vorderhaus LP is typical of the quality Dom puts out these days. I don’t think it is a good as ‘Music for Aircooled Motoring’ but it is still excellent.


Agree, it’s a very high standard, it’s just personal taste that I prefer the Vorderhaus LP over say ATL.


I do too.

Vorderhaus and Holy Fuck are the band discoveries of 2017 for me so far.

Agree about the PY output too; first rate.


Have been listening to this on tidal but the vinyl sounds amazing







Middle one is OK, rest meh.