What albums have you bought lately?




My anti- Re-issue! Re-package! Re-package! resolve finally broke and I asked Claire to buy this for my birthday:


Fancy that myself.


Oh and I got this today, from Mr Patels shop down the road, along with some beer and a loaf of bread:

Triple 180g for £24.99.


I really struggled about it, there’s been a few sub-par reissues, that don’t come close to the original…

But a fucking Queen Is Dead boxset… I has so much want for it…


Stop making me think about it!


£69.99. It’s a stone cold bargain. Get 2 and keep one sealed and it’ll be like a pension.


I’ll get one I think :slight_smile:





Aren’t box sets just a record and a load of tat you never look at or read??


The Smiths one could tempt me… I’d love the best quality vinyl version of anything they ever did.




Where did you get that from dude?



And this

…and this



Not convinced i will get all 3,have been blown out by them before


Very tempted by Metal Box. Would need to know they’ve done a good job on mastering and pressing before shelling out £85 though.


If you don’t have the original,i’d throw the money at a decent copy of that instead.


Are the downloads FLAC or lossy with the Metal Box reissue? I have an original so I’ve held off from buying it so far.


Have no idea,i know it was released at over 200 squid 8 months ago.

Generally i hate box sets as they are a pain to store