What albums have you bought lately?


Yep. It was the release price that put me off. £85 is not great, but not unreasonable.

Have you gone into the muffin smuggling business? I’m impressed by your shopping prowess.


Sold a couple of things yesterday,so that’s paid for it.
I’m not sure really why i bought it,stupid price. :upside_down_face:


Astra tyre valve dust caps?


Couple of signed pics of me lying on the bonnet.


Mine hasn’t arrived yet


4LP box set pre order. Still hoping the powers that be at Paisley Park get around to releasing some live output soon.


I like quite a few tracks from most of there albums,though consistency wise,meat is murder is the best they did imo


Which one is Rubber Ring on, was it a compilation?


Louder than bombs i think


Just had a look and they all have brilliant songs on, couldn’t choose one really.

I used to say I hated The Smiths and then I listened to them properly.


Best band ever. I used to queue for the new albums on the day they came out.


That was me, couldn’t get past the voice for a long time, then realised it was just different, and then got the tunes behind the voice and it all came together. Rank is a great live album but I like them all. I got the box set that came out about 5 or 6 years ago.


I’m not sure if I just didn’t want to like them as I’d been told how good they were so much before I listened to them. When I gave them a chance that changed.


The Smiths were brilliant at singles and all their albums contain some great tracks but I don’t think any of their albums are classic albums, louder than bombs could be the exception. Rank is my personal favourite.


I would largely agree with this. I would add that they were absolutely brilliant as a live act. I saw them very regularly from 1983 onwards. Most annoyingly, more than half the Smiths gigs that I bought tickets for in 1985 and 1986 were cancelled. I was at the gig Rank was recorded at. The played 21 songs but only 14 are on the LP which makes it kind of hard to listen to.

I probably listen to Hatful of Hollow most of all.


As someone from the generation after, meh.


Think TheThe were probably one of the only other bands who were upto there level in the 80s


You youngsters with your acid house and your grunge…:roll_eyes:


Meh. If you want to pick an act from the 4AD roster Matt Johnson wouldn’t be in the first three or four I would nominate. I thought most of their better stuff was early 1990s anyway.


Jangly indie with adenoidal vocals?:sleepy: