What albums have you bought lately?


Without any text I have no idea. Can’t be arsed reverse image searching.


Mogwai’s new one and and oldie from Godspeed! You Black Emperor.



The G!YBE LP is a stone cold classic and a big favourite around here. I’m undecided about the Mogwai LP. They’ve produced a string of simply brilliant LPs since the last relatively duff one (The Hawk is Howling). This one is a fine LP, but doesn’t quite get there for me (yet).


A few analog synths creeping into the Mogwai effort. I need to give it more listens.


Yep. It also has a much more of a live-room recording relative to their last few efforts. It is alright, but I haven’t quite managed to get into it. Seeing it played live usually helps.


Dopplereffekt ‘cellular automata’ LP

Nirvana 45 rpm 2xLP with 24/96 download

Human League Anthology half speed master LP

Queens of the stone age ‘Villains’ deluxe LP



There’s cheap & then there’s chirpy chirpy cheep cheap. James Brown Live 15 quid

Live At The Apollo, Volume II by James Brown and The Famous Flames was originally released in August 1968.
A follow-up to the original 1963 album Live at The Apollo it too was recorded in New York at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.




and to make the postage 2 quid a record


LP pre order


Popped into town to buy a birthday present for my old dear. I bought this. I don’t think she will like it, so she can have the other tat purchased.



Oh, and I just pre-ordered this…


Fuck it ! While I’m on a roll…




Yep, bagged that a few days ago. Should be good.




Finally got round to buying this after it sounded so good on @browellm 's system.