What albums have you bought lately?


Good album that :+1:


After the footie yesterday, I need something upbeat to make me feel happy…



Had some of that too…
Tipped me to buy when I saw it had the download code inside as well.
Better be flac!



LP’s obvs


I like her other albums Mark, only heard the single, this any good?


I really like it.




Goat: Fuzzed in Europe. Pre-order

Limited edition live LP. This first pressing is 2250 in Transparent Yellow/Solid red 50/50 split with black splatter.

:face_vomiting::face_vomiting: sounds even more horrible than the sleeve art.

Sold out in an hour following announcement this morning.

Expect black/other color vinyl repress imminently.


Bagged a couple of those too :smiley:


Had low expectations about the sound quality of that - things like this mostly sell on numbering and coloured vinyl bait.


Possibly, but Hills are more known for ultra low-fi live LPs. Goat, despite being essentially the same band, are on a different budget.The Live Ballroom Ritual LP is quite good as a representation of the Goat live experience and very well recorded. I would expect this to be a decent recording, not least because they did several shows for possible broadcast. Proof of the pudding will be in the eating I suppose and moot as all available copies at the distro are gone.

They’d better edit out the feckin’ flutes and pan-pipes though.


Yeah I thought the Live at the Ballroom was likely to be as good as it gets. I’m not a collector or completist so I’ll probably pass on this tbh.


I reckon a good 60% of the 2250 copies have gone to the independent record shops that Rocket deal with. They’ll repress on black vinyl or another coloured version immediately so it will be in HMV and on Amazon etc.


Proper mixed bag. All charity shops.

MARRS cos I wanted it. The rest of the right pile was cheap and chance it.
The left pile was all all 50p, so who wouldn’t for fun, apart from the Raiders album.

That was a rip off 5 quid from oxfam and didn’t come with the advertised free part two :smirk:
It was one of the first ever cassettes I was bought and I still remember playing it to death. I think another was best of the Nolan Sisters but I was young. And it was the eighties. Back then any music was good on my Bush cassette radio portable.



Plus the fuzzy goat one ^ up there


Lots of background noise on mine, particularly left speaker. Obvious between tracks…



Not as strong as metals, let down by some of the recording being excessively lo-fi. Great live though.


just bought the latest from pyramid peak , fantastic band


All vinyl from the Bandcamp site. Enjoying muchly.