What albums have you bought lately?


^^^ New Fink album in case it’s not clear.


Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold.

It seems that everyone is too cool to put their names on their album covers at the moment.


Wahey! Both artist name and album name in clear view! Win!



Seen a live session on the box, was surprised at the quantity of musicians and the array of different stuff she used to make her sounds, very good. Couldn’t make the dates for her London shows and a little surprised at £50 a pop for tickets at Shepherds Bush

Thanks for the heads up re the album.


If you like the production of her stuff, check out her producer friends Mocky and Chili Gonzales, the latter just made an album with Jarvis Cocker who turned up on stage at the bush.
Also, she did a take with Kings Of Convenience, know how which gives me goosebumps each time her voice comes in, stunning.
Worth the £50 next time, she is in that class above the norm worth making the effort for.


Got the Jarvis/Chilli album. Very good, just wish te Pulp stuff was recorded/mastered with the same level of care!

Which KoC album? I’ve not heard it

Yes, you’re right and would have sprung for it but was up at 2.50am to ride 100 miles around London and Surrey the morning after the show I could get tickets for




All of them?



Ordered today with Shamazon Prime.

I’ll be dead cross if it doesn’t arrive tomorrow.




Anyone tempted? :laughing:


I’d pay him two grand to stay away from. Silly cunt.


A cracking Album if you dig the Blues man. :heart_eyes:


Does the CD abruptly stop after 23 minutes as he walks out of the studio?


No. But the vocals are a bit muffled due him turning his back on the microphone.


180g vinyl


So is this

Downhearted blues Eilen jewell