What albums have you bought lately?


It’s entirely up to you what you wear.



2 x 10" vinyl


The Crystal Method, loving the remixes. OVOC

Side A

  1. Comin’ Back (Late Night Demo)
  2. Grace (Demo)
  3. Lil’ Donkey

Side B

  1. Trip Like I Do (2K9 Remix)
  2. She’s My Pusher (w/ vox)
  3. Lucian Is The Name Of The Game
  4. Weapons Of Mass Distortion (Hi-Finesse Cinematic Remix)

Not loving the cost…


Thanks. Enjoying now.


One for @Jim on LP

First listen it’s decent trouser flapping material.


Completist alert !!!

Bought these…

…from The Secret Record Store, Henley.


Don’t know that Tull, any good?


It has Budapest on it, which is possibly the best “song” Anderson ever wrote. It’s really classic later Fairport era Tull. Proper folk/rock with proper songs :+1:


I’ve just played a couple of tracks on YouTube and ordered it :thumbsup:


Just playing Budapest now. Good fluteage :clap:


Your post makes no sense.



Couple of EPs after seeing them live last week







Budapest is a classic. The rest of the album is good, but that is stand out :+1:


It was purchased because it was one of only 4 Tull albums I don’t own and I want to complete the set. I’ve streamed it for while and quite like it.

Steel Monkey is a decent track too.


A package arrived today from Kentucky.

Inside was a vinyl copy of the Tron Legacy soundtrack.

I have absolutely no recollection of ordering this record, can’t find any emails about it or anything. And why would I buy it from the US when it’s easily available over here (Amazon etc)?

So I either ordered it by phone rather than online (whilst pissed for me not to be able to remember) or someone else ordered it for me, but Claire says she didn’t and I can’t think of anyone else who would.



I didnt


A relative? Trapped in a software programme?