What albums have you bought lately?


You might have given me a CLU there!

I suppose I could contact the shop and find out. It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, so there’s a possibility a mate might have bought it for me, but no one has said anything.


I bought it for you. It’s my birthday next month, so I hope you reciprocate :smile:


On pre order


Bit of a wee splurge


Utopia - Murcof


Eggs - Oh No Ono

In Dust

In Dust - Roll The Dice

And Their Refinement Of The Decline - Stars Of The Lid

Image 1983-1998 - Susumu Yokota


Composed - Jherek Bischoff

Harmony Of Difference EP - Kamasi Washington



180g remaster from Sainsbury’s.
Never owned this and wanted to hear what supposed special mastering and cutting does. It’s lovely and quiet and warm…



Walk of life ruins that record…
I would buy it but as soon as I hear that song id smash it to pieces.


Woo hooooo




At least it is a fairly conventional album. Banbury Sainsbury’s had Kid A on vinyl recently…



Some Deep Distance and Great pop supplement back catalogue.
All new. All for under fifty quid.


Blimey Steve, that’s a decent result :+1:

How did you mange that ?


Good nose.

Not bad for one 7, two 12 and four albums.
The bigger bonus was the seller was at Nottingham record fair today and I collected them to save the postage.


Added a 25th anniversary copy of Graceland and an original Floodland, and a couple of other PY back issues on top. Just need a week to listen to it all now. The best stuff isn’t coming out until the Hana arrives.


Bought a copy of that a few weeks ago, to replace my played to death copy


Have you pre-ordered the new Faten Kanaan and Hologram Teen Albums ?

Had mine on order a couple of weeks now.


Have a couple of guesses and you should be correct!
I’ll pick both up from rough trade and have a nosey while there.