What albums have you bought lately?


Yep :slightly_smiling_face:


Coolio :+1:







Both recent recommendations from here. Without which etc. etc.


I thought they both took a while to download.

Turns out that the “FLAC” (which is 99 times out of 100 is 16 bit 44.1 kHz) is 24 bit 88.2 kHz for the Dead Cross, and 24 bit 44.1 for the JuJu.

The Dead Cross album was bought from Bandcamp, the JuJu from Boomkat.

I had to take a copy of both albums and mash them around a bit to get them to work on various platforms.

How odd.


The haul from the Tonbridge Audio Jumble yesterday. Most of the classical is unplayed and two of the jazz are sealed, well not now obvs.



A bit of Wolf Alice, some Savages too



Not a record… but this seemed the best place




The new Melanie De Biasio LP. Lillies. Excellent especially as it was apprently recorded direct into PC using just a Shure Mic.

OVOC although it also came with CD.


Debut solo LP from Morgane Lhote of Stereolab

Both on Polytechnic Youth.


Which do you prefer ?

Mine have been delivered to work, so won’t be playing them until Tuesday :frowning:


Dunno. I think the Hologram Team is more accessible, but they are both excellent. My listening to Faten Kanaan was interrupted by my youngest having a Fukushima in the kitchen according to my eldest (i.e. a huge meltdown) followed by one of the dogs barfing.

I wish I had stayed in bed…:roll_eyes:


Mine are somewhere in rough trade’s store rooms.
See Aircooled will be back. In black, though.


Re-releasing Aircooled is a good move, a very good move.


I bought the flac.
May get the record.


Do we know when / if the new Detox Twins LP will be out ?

Dom must be on a roll :smiley:


No word on a detox album? There will be the Vorderhaus single nearer Xmas. You be be familiar with half of it :smirk:

And a new album next year. Not heard whispers of the DT though.


Email today from Dom about t-shirts and Luna singles on Feral Child. Did you get it @SAP7 and @MJ2?