What albums have you bought lately?


Maybe ask MV if he has plans :wink:


Nope, not here :confused:


OK, PM sent with copy. I’ll do the same with the midweek email.


Got that. Thanks Olan.


No problem…


He just sent me another signed copy.
As a put away and keep :+1:t2:

Not got Dom’s email again. He reckoned he’d started from scratch again on the lists and fixed it.
Nope… ! Thanks Olan.


Yeah, it’s really odd. I always seem to be able to pre-order new releases from elsewhere 2 or 3 weeks before he announces them anyway, so no real loss, I guess :confused:



Just ordered this (January release date)






Just realised I’ve not received mine. I did get a slip from Royal Mail about something being left under tree, which wasn’t there. That must’ve been it, the cunts.


Copies left at band camp.
Comes with download code as well. And signed if you ask.
Problem is it’s twenty quid. Rough trade have it listed but not sure they can get stock.
It’s a great album and I have two signed copies.


Was bandcamp I’d ordered from. Will probably order again if still available.

(Stop rubbing it in you cunt).


He’s a decent chap. Had a few chats via email.
You need to chase Royal Mail as they aren’t allowed to leave items unless you have signed permission in advance.
Mark told me he has 200 odd left in his kitchen. You will be fine.





I must confess that I have since procured these two Melodien LPs off the back of your post. For me, the best thing about this place is that I am challenged to listen to stuff that I would have otherwise not considered.

Meatmen, I am ever grateful.


Drone - Reversing Into the Future



Drone - Mappa Mundi