What albums have you bought lately?




From what I heard on the link that @charliechan posted, that sounds like a must buy


Beck - Colors 45rpm double LP





Forest Swords - Compassion



Its a great LP.




Just taken a punt on that for 12 quid vinyl. With the cd…
Seemed rude not to.


Exactly !

You won’t be disappointed.


Where is it available for £12? Is that a 2nd hand job?

Leading with my chin on a fixt there


Amazon had one used, yep.


Olan Sounds Of The Universe have Vol 1 and Vol 2 on CD if that’s any use ?


Cheers, but I’m really after the vinyl. The CDs are widely available second hand.


Where do you go for your hand jobs? If the 2nd cost £12, how much did the first one cost?


Duh. Obvious joke is obvious. Particularly when I pointed it out in the second line of that post.

I’m keen on buy one get on free, but am too tight to pay. Given that I don’t exercise the wrist when angling on riverbanks I’m unable to help on pricing.


Shocking. That considering I am such a big fan of Archie Shepp, that I don’t already own this classic album.

There is a bit of a personal tale that goes with this for me. In that some years back, when I was still finding my feet with this genre of music I was put off this album by a couple of “Jazz Fuddy Duddy” type reviewers that had clearly had their middle of the road traditionalist jazz sensibilities overly challenged by this material. There are quite a few out of the mainstream artists & jazz sub genres/directions that I was similarly put off by for similar reasons at the time, that I have since found very much to my liking.

Anyhooo, lesson learnt & I am very much happier & much enriched culturally, by being more prepared to explore stuff with a more open mind & challenge my own preconceptions. I do still find good reviews very useful, especially since my own research skills have improved.

Bought these too. >>>


Attica is probably my favourite Shepp album