What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


I hate gin! I went for the food. Actually had a German Weissbeer.


G&Ts as an aperitif (of course). This time made with…


I really rate this. Rich, massive but smooth. Waaaay too easy to drink but at 14.5% it’s worth a little restraint. Nah, fuck it. get it down ya !!


For anybody who doesn’t know, “Cleanskins” are wines produced by a winery which they are forced to sell off without their name associated with it due to various reasons. Mostly, over supply but sometimes tax reasons.
They can vary in quality and are often very cheap (sometimes cheaper than beer or water !).
This is a particularly goodun’.


Yep, Laithwaite’s oz cleanskins are usually very good :+1:


Oaked Viognier can sometimes be a little ott, but this is lovely…


Non. Viognier can never be over oaked :heart_eyes:


M&S (Meal Deal) Butchers Block Bonarda Malbec. Meh!

Bank Holiday weekend will see some Brunello methinks.



I have learned something new. Ta


Had a few villagers around for a soiree, so loads and loads of my Cascarillo APA.
I’m a bit refreshed :beers:


Were they able to make their excuses before you put the stereo (and cape) on?


Due to the completion of the greenhouse and last day of my holiday, we are drinking this…




G&T with

and before that


Bringin’ it back down :grinning:


Beer, beer and more beer:




The lucozade on the shelf above is Claires, she’s poorly sick. :wink:


Troo dat.


Beer and canned rats piss.


What? The Czech Budvar or the not that bad actually Morland stuff?