What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Got one of the same chilling.

You recommended it to me ages ago Terry, and I’m really grateful, it really is a decent wine, and a bloody bargain at less than £6.00.


It rates very well. It also sounds like something that
I would happily gargle in the morning. On that basis, it is worth exploring.


I’m really glad others enjoy it too. To be fair Rob, I don’t enjoy Chardonnays as a rule, but this is superb. It’s become my “go to” wine for roasted/BBQ’d chicken, in the absence of a decent Viognier.
The Limestone Coast is under rated for anything other than Cabernet. It has loads to offer the clever wine maker.

The wine is made by Taylors. It might be worth looking around for other Taylors wines if Aldi stop selling the stuff.

However, it’s a secret so keep it to yourself.


Be careful though. I don’t drink much wine, so I may be talking shit.:grinning:



I liked the Golden Eagle when I living in Marylebone High Street in 1990/91. The White Horse was better as was The Angel in the Fields. TBF, we WERE managing the Angel.


I have soft spot for the Golden Eagle, before here we were in Cock and Lion, Spread Eagle and we started in the Duke of York


A quaffable Sicilian red to go with home made pizza…


The Spread Eagle was once a decent boozer but recently…


For @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi - We didn’t go in as we were running late for the restaurant


That’s a shame as it’s a proper Ol’ Skool Samuel Smiths boozer.

Made even better by the removal of the “Mock Tudor” exterior.




Lots and lots and lots of lovely


Too much of this

verrrry nice.


we were going to go in after dinner, but we were so stuffed, we decided head back towards Kings X, by which time we had digested enough to have a couple in the bar of the Great Northern hotel.


Well it’s not turps, but further than that, your guess is as good as mine.


Looks like my second piss of the day, post-tea. First piss is usually orange Tango.


Finally made it to the pub.

Ooh, a new beer


Nice sample jar , pH not neutral


Down the Morgan tonight