What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Are they still putting formaldehyde in that stuff?

Used to give me a fucking booming hangover.


A pity - it’s a good 'un. Although having said that one bottle is enough :grinning:

I will check them out :+1:


Couldn’t say Chris.

Over the course of an evening it’s mixed with so much other shite no way of knowing what does the damage


isn’t that brewed according to Reinheitsgebot

if you want bad try

whilst I’m getting another


That’s the spirit.

I’m now onto…


Doubt it, I think most of the asian beers added formaldehyde as a preservative for the high temps and long boat journeys on export.

When I was in Lagos one of the expats who was a chemist for BP showed us a trick where he extracted the formaldehyde from the local Star beer.


Is that the Aldi one ?

Just cracked open this from Aldi


I liked the local Star and the Guinness Export strength when I worked in Nigeria… had some very odd experiences in night clubs in Lagos?

Although i’ll never go out drinking with Yank oilmen in Warri again…I think I lost three days to a hangover


Yes. It’s a decent wine.


Will give that a try :+1:


Using different apple varieties (apparently). Off dry. Light (4.6%) with a undisguised apple flavour. Good fizz.
Quite pleasant and would suit spicy food.


coincidence - we are on the cider as well


Ventoux Delas,.


Just found this in the back of the cupboard…unopened…result


Et voilà


Nice find


Erm, qu’est-ce que c’est?


C’est un Flamingo


Un flamingo juane?


En fronglais c’est nomme est OLAN