What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?



Lovely stuff :beer:





What could possibly go wrong?


The football


how long is it running for?



Noice :thumbsup:


Decent bourbon with a nice high rye content


Until the 28th I think


First of a well deserved beer :beer:


Just found this in the garage.

Must have belonged to my father, and he’s been dead since 97.



Until you realise it was actually the bottle he used when working on the car but couldn’t be arsed going indoors for a piss :wink:


Oh, Jesus, I can’t drink that stuff, or Pernod, since a very stupid evening in 1988, when having consumed a whole bottle, and after years of trying, I finally copped off with my mates older sister.

She really didn’t appreciate me puking up (not over her, thankfully, I made it to the bathroom) right after what I imagine was a fairly mediocre performance.

ISTR the hangover lasted at least 2 days,


Full set located. Although right now might be a teensy bit early.


that is a lovely glass and water jug…




I have considerable Belgian heritage.

Any attempt to use inappropriate glassware is a sacking offence.


First of a Treble celebratory few beers

Not tried this one before - quite nice it is too :beer: