What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


I bought this cos I liked the label.

Winetek Cosmic Shepherd Sauv Blanc, Chilean.

It’s not at all bad for a fiver…


Bedtime snifter (or two)

Something else is positive


Followed by:



While standing around, prodding meat on the BBQ.





Sipping tayberry vodka on a sunny campsite, just finished the portion of cranachan that I brought from Lowell.


A steal at £5.79 from the Co-Op


The Gold Label is worth seeking out. Not a lot of character but a large dollop of easy drinking awaits.


Sold :grinning:


Got this at the race Friday night.



Thatchers Vintage 2015


I know, I have a fairly depleted bottle here. It’s very nice indeed



With the last 4 measures of

Thinly sliced Sicilian lemons, ice ers


6 o’clock gin with Ginger beer, slice of lime and slice of ginger

bloody nice



Gin, ginger beer and lime wedges - is a Fog Horn - from memory something to do with Waldorf Astoria or something similar


got introduced to it last w’end at a bbq, was a nice finish after a lot of moretti.

the girl who made them is a professional boozer but she didn’t mention a name, thanks.

this will be a regular this weekend, especially as it’s still bloody 26c here and supposed to be hotter tomorrow