What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Now moving onto Rosie / 1664 snakebites.


Ace stuff. Stick some Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy on and slosh in some blackcurrant juice…


RALMFAO. Weren’t we here a couple of weeks ago mate ?


Here we go again… :joy:


Shit, AA, at least I’m on the right site :sob:


Too right mate

Hipster Tennents - quite nice actually



You Sir are aff yir heid - a thoroughly well deserved beer :+1:


191 miles (GPS fuck ups chopped a bit off the Strava recording). It was horrible haha.


I fear I may have a bit of a headache in the morning…


Not tried that Rob. Decent ?




Better than Stella. Not sure if that makes it decent… :thinking:


Is that as nice as the other unpronounceable Polish lager Rob :smile:


Nope, it dont


Tyskie is better, but Mr Patel (I shit you not) didn’t have any in today.


That says it all for me. Decline.


Tell him you’ll take your alkie business elsewhere :joy:


Lol, actually it’s not bad. Has a distinctive taste, which is a bit Marmite. It doesn’t taste of Marmite, it’s a turn of phrase. Given the time of evening, I think I need to make that clear…


I’m not disagreeing. All that was, was new heights of stubbornness. I don’t think it was beneficial for me in any way whatsoever.