What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Have you got any feeling back in your arse yet ?

Just in case anyone is wondering what the fuck were going on about - Chris cycled 191 miles back from Glenlivet to Edinburgh and is officially mental


Never mind his arse, when his nob gets some feeling back it’ll feel like his avatars nose.


Ha ha fuck me I need to stop drinking now it was Neil not Chris :crazy_face:


Several (I lost count) pints of…

…at a village party in the barn next door. Really nice but I may well be slow to start my next brewing session in the morning :weary:


Aperol Spritz’s to kickstart the day. Followed by…


Barossa Cleanskin Grenache Shiraz.




Fanny Ebbs, Tring Brewery beer tent at Folk by the Oak


Sadly my last one of these


All is not lost I’ve a couple of my absolute fave left


After my exertions today thought I’d try a wee Chianti as a reward


Lost and Grounded - Running with Sceptres

Really nice craft Beer / Lager

edit: More a Beer than a Lager. Quite citrusy / hoppy with a bitter finish but lighter and more carbonated.




A fav of mine :wine_glass:



Pint cans of Stella


But gin and vod reversed




Have you tried the pink Fever Tree? I really like it for something a bit different.