What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Wot, only one? Is that a half gallon bottle?


Yes, we have village party to go to. That reminds me, I must find my spare set of keys for the bowl :thinking:

Is there any other size ?


Perspective being what it is there could be an infinite number of them lined up behind that one, stretching away for ever.





Are you (i) already drunk and (ii) in an Indian restaurant waiting for a curry? Usually (i) and (ii) are necessary and sufficient conditions for consumption of Cobra in my experience.


Sadly, merely building up to i :confused:


Last night at the house, drinking and trying not to think about Monday morning



With grenadine and Sprite… pretending that we are still in Crete :cocktail:


Just finishing this off - surprisingly good and only £6.50 which is cheap for M&S of course I get a 20% staff discount as well :+1:


Erasing the memory of last nights frankly disappointing Wolf Blass Chardonnay.


That’ll be better than the Wolf’s Ass. I am strongly of the opinion that unless you spend silly amounts of money you are better off in general buying a Kiwi (:scream:) white from the Marlborough than almost anything from Oz. The exception might be some Verdhellos from WA, but they don’t seem to be exported at all. I can’t remember the last time I had a Aussie Chardonnay and thought it was excellent. Then again, it is ages since I’ve had a drink of any nature…


The Limestone Coast is an Aussie, from Aldi, £5.79. I think Tesco have one too, but not tried it. It is very nice Olan, Terry recommended it and it is now a firm favourite.

When the yellow has dissipated you should try it.

I love Marlborough wines, although I think the definition of Marlborough is being stretched a bit these days. If I ever see Cloudy Bay for less than £20 I have to physically restrain myself from buying more than a couple.

I used to love the 90s style Aussie Chardonnay, incredibly oaked, almost buttery stuff. I wouldn’t mind trying one again, if there’s anyone who makes it like that these days, but I bet I’d hate it…




And now time for one of these.



Still very drinkable after 13 years. Some other wines of that vintage, which I recently found in a cellar, have gone over the edge.


Now onto this :wine_glass:


Cobra is worse than the worse shit that shit breweries produce. Truth.


Oooh, somebody is revelling in the “I don’t live in the lucky country so everything else is shit” syndrome.

Most Oz wine that’s available over here is OK at best. Bought carefully, there are some gems. The Aldi Chard is a classic example. Cheap and cheerful. There are some beautiful Viogners and Reislings available but you need to choose carefully.
Reds at the cheaper end of the market are a safer bet, providing you don’t mind in-your-face cigar box tannins and black fruit. Subtlety isn’t an Aussie mainstay in life as in wine.