What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


No actually, I just don’t think you get that much good white. I’ll give you the Viogners which slipped my mind but the Aussie Reisling is not something I enjoy and heavily oaked chardies can get to fuck and when they arrive pour themselves down the drain. In the <£20 a bottle markets and particularly in the ~£10 market the Kiwi whites, particularly the Sauv Blancs are a better bet.

The reds OTOH…:heart_eyes: and who needs subtlety anyway?

Back to my fucking nth fucking cup of fucking Yorkshire fucking Tea today…:confounded:


I introduced Narelle to these in the mid 80s (much to her chagrin at the time) and she’s loved them ever since. She’s quite happy with decent whites from Oz and NZ, but if pushed, would return to the oaky, buttery, vanilla laden Chards.
There are a few around and generally available from Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose, et al. They are generally lower priced Aussie brands like Lindemans, Andrew Peace, McWilliams, Yalumba, Angoves, and Tyrelles. Although the above mentioned Limestone Coast Chard is produced by Taylors.


It’s all about taste.
I hate overly oaked Chards (now). I got over it. But there are a huge number of fruit driven examples which are glorious. <£20 ? possibly not. Not given the Oz market.
Hunter Valley Chardonnay (Semillon) is, in general, stunning.
A good, dry reisling from a good winery from the Clare Valley or Eden Valley is a beauty to behold.
Agreed that the Land of the Great White Crowd produce exellent sub-£10 plonk. In fact, much of their wine is incomparable with the rest of the world, regardless of cost. All dependant on taste, of course.
Personally, with very few exceptions, I find sub-£10 Kiwi Sauvs a bit “thin” and lacking in character.


I think we are agreeing here Terry :roll_eyes:. I am really discussing a bottle that you might have on a Tuesday evening while making and eating dinner. If I was spending >£20 on a white I would be unlikely to look at Oz in all honesty.

It is academic anyway. More tea Vicar??


Life is too short to drink crap wine. Wine should be decent any day of the week.
Is Tuesday not a day of the week ?

Anyway, you’re not drinking at the moment, so fuck off until you have a vested interest.


I thought it was a style that had passed. Chard went seriously out of fashion over here for a while, unless it was called Burgundy…

I’ve seen the Andrew Peace stuff around, sometimes in a plastic bottle? I remember liking Barramundi, which sort of epitomised the style, affordable, pretty young, full of oaky vanillins.

Not bought any variety of Lindemans in years…


It’s still around. Narelle finds bottles of it on a regular basis and pays a lot less per bottle than I would.
Barra was rough (to me) but likable. I’ve not seen “plastic” Andrew Peace. Co-Op stock his stuff.


Yes, deffo seen his stuff in the Co-Op, wrt the plastic bottles, I think it was an eco type thingy less shipping weight = less co2 emissions etc. Thought it was a bit gimmicky, tbh. I think I’ve also seen it in a cardboard tetra pack, although that might be a false memory :thinking:

I’ll give him a go.




I hate you :unamused:




After a very tiring bike ride today a well deserved first beer :beer:



A refreshing drop indeed.







Really need to get me some of that - it’s been too long.


Tesco were (I think) doing 2 for £5.