What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?





A bit meh but can’t win 'em all


Arran Blonde


Second one of these…



Brune for me tonight


In rather large bottles :slightly_smiling_face:


Bloody Mary, garnished with crispy bacon…


So, that is soup.


Trying to get to, and then maintain, a level, of inebriation where I can deal with a house full of 14/15 yr old girls and boys, without embarrassing anyone and without killing anything that might snog one of my daughters…


Enter the room slightly pissed and announce loudly ‘Anything you lads do to my daughters tonight I’ll do to you tomorrow’. Then get yourself a beer in order to distract from the shock on your daughter’s face…


… and the dad of some of the girls. I fear that sooner or later there are going to be tears.

That said, I can just remember being in exactly that situation myself as a 14/15 yr old more than once. And the flashing lights and loud music distracted the girls’ dad pretty effectively. Plus there was a cornfield at the bottom of their garden.



I don’t really understand the daughter thing. She’s going to fuck. Probably a dickhead (and not a duchess, as autocarrot tries to say). They do need to grow up, girls. Getting a quick snog at a party seems fairly innocuous.


I know all this shit Adam, but I don’t have to fucking well like it. It doesn’t help that I was that dickhead at 15/16…

Anyway, I think tears are likely, as the lad Ellie fancies seems to be atttracting quite a bit of attention…


I didn’t think you were quite that drunk Rob! :heart_eyes:






Pushed the boat out a little bit with tonight’s red…