What are you listening to? V1.2


Slipstream: Out of the Blue

FLAC download from Bandcamp. Released today.



Janet Kay best of on CD in the kitchen over breakfast after hosing down the back door mat the dog pissed on.



Debut solo LP from Morgane Lhote of Stereolab


Both on Polytechnic Youth.


Face-melting lunacy from Paul Allen of The Heads. Limited pressing of 50 on Creepy Crawl.


Considering you can buy it anywhere, and the limited to fifty was some track that came out on a cd before in a slightly different version, I think this may be a little more abundant?

Just saying, like. That’s what google told me. It’s noisy isn’t it.


The Creepy Crawl version has different packaging and inserts.


Camo stencils!
Cheers for the email. Dom won’t be happy when he hears I still haven’t got it! :sob:


Yep, ridiculous I know. However, having a paper bag is the difference between your Heads CDR being worth £250 or £60. Different inserts make you Heads LP much more valuable. Similarly with the Kandodo and early Anthroprof (although not quite as spendy).


Mad world. I’m just happy when I get a download code as well as the wax.
That’s should be mandatory these days. Best of both worlds.
Initial thoughts on the new albums? No sign of mine ready to collect ar RT as yet. Two quid cheaper to get Dom to post them now!


Screw RT. Get 'em from Dom. It frees up his ££ to make more records.


Ps he says he knows about the mail out issue.
He has two mail lists and this went to the old one.
The Luna mail out this week should go to everyone… so will let you know if it works then the next one hits!


Always get mine elsewhere, as I can pre-order a lot earlier and Dom doesn’t seem very reliable, unfortunately.


Dom is ultra-reliable. The issue is that he is a lo-tech cottage label. No printed mailers etc. Everything is done by hand, for the love of it. OK, the email list thing is a pain in the arse, but he uses Facebook too, and always looks after his regular customers. If you use Facebook then it is simple.

I’ve bought from him since his days running the Earworm label. The only issue I ever had was with Eat Lights Become Lights when I ordered directly from the band and not from Dom. That will teach me to try and support the artist because Neil Rudd never sent me the records and basically told me to fuck off. Dom sorted me out at cost after I shared the email exchange with him.


and that’s fair enough but I can only speak from experience, too.

I buy pretty much everything he releases too but have never been able to do it through him, or even get on a mailing list.

I’m not a Facebook user, so need to go elsewhere.


As per the other thread, you are on the mail list and will get the email soon… this went out to the old version.
Should be sorted going forward.







I find Dom very reliable and always replies quickly to emails.


Exactly. He is also a big Stereolab fan so: