What are you listening to? V1.2











Saw them live tonight.

Sound engineer: kick drum TOO FUCKING LOUD.

Apart form that: EXCELLENT. CARRY ON.


If anything was TOO LOUD it would be an idea to wear ear plugs. It’s easy to fuck your hearing with high SPL and once it’s fucked it usually stays fucked. There’s some clever designs now which attenuate near-evenly across all frequencies so it’s more like turning the volume down a notch or two (also mentioned on the Muso thread).

Other than that - sounds like a good gig. I’ll play some …Witches today. :+1:


Coke bottle vinyl.


Inspired me to play this which I haven’t heard in a long time




It wasn’t the overall sound level that was the issue (I usually wear ear plugs at gigs). The drums were too high in the mix and the kick drum drowned out the other instruments and vocals.

Decent gig though!



Having a James bond morning


Even patch is playing his part as dr no,s cat


Tell Patch that he is Blofeld’s cat in that case. Feckin’ amateur dramatics, we’ll have @A_Touch_of_Cloth on in a minute as Moneypenny


Stop getting Bond wrong


:roll_eyes: Metal hands, odd hair and no cats…:roll_eyes:


Wonder if you could have doubled his hand up as a tonearm?


Xam: Tone Systems


Played without using Dr No’s hand as a tonearm, sadly…



One of my recent haul.