What are you listening to? V1.2


Mine here soon with lunar stuff too!

And a signed mustard vinyl copy of the PY compilation album :smirk:
I mentioned more detox…


Both good.

Faten Kanaan I expect is a grower but Hologram Teen is right up my strasse from the off, as expected.

Did MV sign the compilation Album ?

Some new DT stuff would be really cool.


And sent at postage cost only. One bit of good luck in a bad week otherwise (for expense cf return).
No reply on the detox album yet :thinking:


Sorry to hear you’ve had a crap week Steve.

On to one of my releases of the year, if not the release -

White LP


The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet







The Band Whose Name is a Symbol - Live 2010 Dominion Tavern

Grey vinyl with red splobs

Very good


24-7 Psychedelic Rock - Internet Radio

Cannot be bothered to get off my arse to change records. :squid:






Lotofire - Ely Guerra

I have pimped this around a few bake offs, and normally only played the track Tengo Frio.
Quite a few have bought the CD on the back of that I hope they were not disappointed with the rest of the album!

Warning most of the vocals are in Spanish.









Earthless: Sonic Prayer

Ovoc and unplayed for years…







I was delighted to find this in a second hand shop last year.
it turns out it is an Island blue label 1980 repress and not the 1977 original :disappointed_relieved:

Still, sounds great and not bad for £3.00 :laughing: