What I'm watching


Wife liked that but I wasn’t that taken with it.


Ascension on Netflix. Cloth twat recommended it (oh, the shame) on pfm. Not bad, so far (only 3 episodes in), but I sussed the twist fairly early on.


Switched off halfway through. I’ll give it another go this weekend but it’s not looking good.


Very impressed with the first episode of The Good Fight.


The original Manga animation of Ghost in the Shell.




There are only 3x episodes, it got canned very early on so it was pilot, episode 2 and then the conclusion.


And you STILL watched it?


Six episodes, one series, and then they canned it.

Jusr starting the last episode now.

When he’s not watching youtube conspiracy theorists, he occasionally watches something interesting. Mind you, this is a sort of conspiracy theory type thingy, soooo…


Top Gear is quite good now.



Jim Jefferies has been upsetting some people again, this time with jokes about rape and being drugged and fingered by Bill Cosby.

As Jim says - telling jokes about rape does read badly but to decide if it’s funny or not you do need to watch the material. Jefferies critics call him a misogynist, again I think these are individuals who haven’t watched his stand-up. Jefferies is no more a misogynist than Les Dawson really hated his mother in law. It’s fucking comedy, you know.

For fans of Jim Jefferies (I know Terry is) this is good stuff. Anyone new to Jim Jefferies I’d suggest Alcoholocaust as an even better introduction.


I think he’s one of the funniest comics I’ve seen for a long time.


Just watched Ghost in the Shell with @AmDismal.

It has Scarlett Johansson.


Oh, yeah, the movie was awesome as well.


His gun control sketch is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.


I’ve just looked at some of the IMDb reviews; it gets 6.9. I really think it should be a lot higher - many of the reviews were from people comparing it to the original, and they’re never happy.

For me the script was somewhat simplistic, the plot fairly predictable and the potentially interesting philosophical elements largely ignored. But the cinematography was astonishing (3D IMAX, yay!), the immersive nature of the dystopian world was brilliant, and it was great fun. I really enjoyed it.

It’s easy to be critical, but my view on a film always boils down to the simple: was it fun, did I enjoy it. This scores a 9. Despite the lack of genitalia on Scarlett Johansson…


Agree. I haven’t watched the original and don’t much care. The plot is, as you say, simplistic and blindingly obvious. But the way it’s executed is superb.


I took my eldest, he’s 11, to see it, as a fan of the original and its various series I thought it was pretty good.

Some of the changes from the original didn’t seem to suit any purpose, they didn’t really detract they were just a bit odd.

My only gripe is why is every movie an origin story these days.

Otherwise solid 7/10 from me, 10/10 from the childling.


I take it you’ve seen Under The Skin then. The filming there is subtle in a ‘less is more’ kind of way. But she is starkers.



Not seen it, Pete mentioned it last night