What I'm watching


Stopped watching this as the first few episodes were a bit slow.

Watched the last 5 episodes over the last two evenings and it’s absolutely fantastic and probably one of my favourite shows for a good number of years.

Brilliantly filmed with some great comedy and surreal moments with some good music to boot.


Good film - good book :+1:


I gave up after four. I was forcing myself to watch.


It’s Depeche Mode evening on BBC4 tonight from 9pm with the documentary 101 about their attempt to break America at 11.


The Get Down S2. @ZiggyMarley


watching that as we are going to see them in the summer. What is odd, I know alot of their songs, but have none of their albums… the Mrs is telling me to get buying…

thanks for the heads up…


Ed Miliband on The Last Leg. Entertaining, self-deprecating and informative. Everything Corbyn wasn’t.


Playing catch up on Vikings, new series out on Netflix Tuesday.


A good politician shafted by circumstance and the media?


I need to catch up also. Peaky Blinders too, I’ve a season to watch.


I certainly appreciate Ed more now as a Labour leader than I did when he was. The Bacon sandwich thing was ridiculous.


David would’ve been a better choice. That said he may gain some satisfaction from seeing the Tories shamelessly stealing some of his & Ed Balls’ policies…


Cheers for this, really enjoying it.


Just watched Rogue One and now I’m going to watch the Ghostbusters remake.


I wasn’t that impressed with Rogue One I must say, there are some good individual performances in it, but as a film it’s a bit below par I thought…


I’m currently watching Designated Survivor on Netflix, it’s sucked me in…


Funny that as I thought the opposite. In some ways it’s better than Force Awakens which exciting as it was, is just the original film retold.




While the most recent SW films were both refreshing improvements​ on episodes 1-3, I think I prefer Rogue One as well. I’m still struggling to get the wife to watch it though!


Peter Kay’s Car Share. Comedy gold.