What I'm watching


Moana - stunning colours popping off the screen on the LG OLED.


Just played this, recorded from Ch4

It was funny.



Cracking film, another one worth looking up is Calvary, i think its some of the same team but i could be wrong.


“I’ll go and slip into something less comfortable”. :slight_smile:


Line of duty is becoming increasingly ridiculous.

It’s almost unwatchable this season. But I am intrigued as to what convoluted conclusion they are going to contrive.


I would like to know if an interview such as the one portrayed could even occur. Once the direction of questioning changed (would that even be allowed?) wouldnt Hastings have just walked out?


The interview scenes are a farce.

She’d not even be at work with that hanging over her. As for handing the ACC letter over herself…

Telly dramatic licence time.


Hoping for some good old fashioned evil dead type comedy


Have you tried this


Apologies for the mobile link.


Now I’m going to have to watch this!


Let’s see if the Amazon link works any better

Edit: oh FFS, no.



Thank you!


I normally hate stuff like this but couldn’t stop laughing at one of the clips :slight_smile:


Guerrilla Episode 1 (Sky Atlantic)


The Get Down S2 - massive let down more like :weary:

Rushed, poor plots and probably ran out of money and support. Shame when the first series was so damn good.


Bosch season 3


Ooh, is that out on Amazon?

Weirdly I found the cinematography beautiful. I don’t normally notice that kind of thing.


Have you read the books?



You can series binge it and I know it seems worthy but I can’t feel motivated by the subject…