What I'm watching


Not sure yet. Can’t judge from one episode but it hasn’t left me fired up for episode 2. Could well be a grower though.



Twin Peaks pilot.

And the whole thing to follow. All on lovely remastered blueray.


First episode of ‘Genius’

Quite happy with the start, hopefully it will be a good series.




What station is that on, Phil?


Posted about “Line of Duty”, but noticed I was duplicating someone.


A good gripping episode of LoD last night. Her arm was my leg of a year or so back although fortunately I caught it a bit earlier!




I think it’s almost surreal in its unremitting stupidity, this season.

It’s too implausible to enjoy. I still want to know how it will end up, though!


It needed a week’s worth of daily, intravenous, industrial strength anti-biotics to stop the infection. These things get bad quite quickly if left to fester & I left it for a further 6 days after going to the doctor by Pete’s place (who didn’t take it seriously at all) before finally getting it seen to. From a pin prick sized wound :open_mouth:


Stronzetto just hired a new defense minister


Title says it all really.


Enjoyed big little lies.

Great cast and wonderful production. Despite guessing the endings to the issues, the finale still surprised.

If you have read the book it might not be the same!


Just watched ‘Trump’s First 100 Days’. I got the impression that Paxman thinks he is a complete nutter.


I’d tend to agree with him.


Such insight.



Just got back from seeing this on the big screen (local film club)


It really was very good. But how on earth anyone can have thought that a Hollywood remake would be a good idea completely eludes me.



I thought it was a surprisingly good series and definitely uncomfortable viewing at times and as you say a good final episode.