What I'm watching


Alvarez wins - unanimous and a shutout. Chavez outclassed.


In September the big one! Alvarez v Triple G.


Good Mythical Morning - Will it Ice cream?

Those two idiots make me lol :laughing:


Rick and Morty


Vikings, leprechauns and some really hungry gash. Clockwork Orange thugs and Sin City splatter. First episode was good.


Amazon Prime


Watched the 2nd episode last night, very fucking weird (but good)


Classic Neil Gaiman. It’s doing a good job of recreating the feel of the book so far.


Agreed. Although I have elected to sit out this weeks episode until next week, then have the treat of watching two episodes back to back. Partly as I plan on rereading the book as my next read, as it was recently v cheap as a Kindle deal.

Quite enjoying “Into the badlands” on Prime video too​, with a new episode of season two coming out each week. Quite stylish martial arts/mystical foo & an interesting take on the post apocalypse/world collapse theme. With a fuedal new world order & remnants of mechanised technology & use of old school weapons rather than guns.


Midnight Sun. Binge watching as been unable to stay asleep past around 1am… ironically enough.

Enjoying it, has potential to have an extremely disappointing episode though.


I’m a couple of episodes into Stranger Things, and apart from the good soundtrack that we know about already, the sound quality overall is absolutely excellent. Far better than anything I can remember on television. Hugely atmospheric with superb clarity.


I’ve just watched (again)

Never mind George Clooney. It has Natascha McElhone. And Viola Davis. And Jeremy Davies.

But mostly Natascha McElhone




Gripping stuff.


Yeah lookin’ forward to watching that. Recorded it last weekend from Beeb 4 HD & they’ve screened it with the proper multichannel DD soundtrack.

Have a friend coming over this evening for one of our regular music/film evenings, so we may well watch this.


When I went to watch this a couple of months ago, I discovered that the DVD was some completely gash thing from the 90s, totally unwatchable.

So now I’ve got the Blu ray. Much better.


FFS, John Carpenter’s The Thing.


Top class movie. Absolutely shat my pants watching that as a kid.


Same here, school mates dad fixed vending machines so were sat there stuffing our face with nik-naks and shitting ourselves.


Kurt Russell is drinking straight from a massive bottle of J&B.

Me and him: we’re the same.


Just clicked that link and WTF have they done with IMDB, it’s a clusterfuck now.

Did they get the Wams web designers in?


That links to their mobile site, I think.

Try http://uk.imdb.com