What I'm watching


Aliens Vs Predators

Where franchises go to die…


I liked the first one but the sequel was shockingly bad.



what a pile of shite.


More to do with unfettered access to spicy Nik-Naks than the film I think. :slight_smile:


Watched drive last night with Ryan gosling, didn’t expect a reservoir dogs kick at all… enjoyable


Just wish the twat would make an effort to talk in films.


I didn’t think it was that bad, but by the end I was pretty uncomfortable with the moral message it was sending. I can’t say more without spoiling, so don’t click on the blurred out stuff below if you’re hoping to watch it.

The message seemed to be that while forcing someone else to spend the rest of their life sharing your trapped existence in space would be A Bad Thing, it’s probably OK because when they realise you’re a nice person really they’ll come round to the idea. No they won’t. You’ll still have stolen their life.



I was uncomfortable with it in just the same way. However, after further thinking I then came to the view that sometimes you have to put yourself in the place of others; if your actions would probably be the same as theirs then you can’t really hold it against them.

Would it have been better if the sexes were reversed?


Passenger Spoiler

At its heart its just a love story, love conquers all etc… leaving aside the dubious starting premise of what amounts to attempted rape (it was after all sex that was wanted under false pretenses) we are then supposed to believe that all is forgiven because she would have died anyway. the fact it was set in Space is an aside, as a love story there are better ones out there, far better.


I’ve been enjoying the feature length Department Q films. Properly dark Scandi Noir.

Also went to a screening of this tonight.

The creeping privatisation of the NHS.


I’ve decided to watch the Alien films again, so I’m starting with the first, director’s cut.

It’s rather dated in many ways, but watching with headphones makes it fucking scary!


A masterpiece of tension.


Thought the third episode of American Gods continued in the vein of excellence set so far in this series. Actually thought it the best episode so far. Visually quite stunning too.

The closing rendition of St James Infirmary was sung by Mark Lanegan…for the benefit of anyone doing a double take on hearing this.


Agree, it’s really well put together. It’s been a while since I read the book and trying to remember what they’ve added and what they’ve taken away is becoming increasingly difficult.


Three Girls, just superb on every level.


Agree, it was very well done.


Kajaki as previously recommended.

Absolutely gripping and harrowing.


Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick. Pitch Black is my favourite out of the three.


Public Enemy.

French series on Sky Atantic, watched first episode seems like it might be quite good.


Twin Peaks

Wonderfully slow. Weird. Funny.

Shat my wife up a treat with the man in the box.