What I'm watching


Just awful, they must have got the same guy who did the Taken sequel to fuck it up this bad


"Glasgow 1967 : “The Lions of Lisbon” shown on BBC1 last night.

Highly recommended, very engaging I thought.


Haven’t watched it yet Chris but by all accounts I’ll need a few hankies at the ready.

A remarkable story and remarkable characters - gallus as Bertie Auld would say. There’s been so many things going on to celebrate the anniversary it’s hard to keep up. :+1:

Did you see the full stadium display from the game at the weekend - absolutely stunning and all paid for by the fans.


It was done really well. A genuinely interesting piece of social history. I only caught it by pure accident & was very quickly drawn in.

Yeah I did, agreed visually quite stunning & a marvelous tribute!!


It was a labour of love for the guys who made it which has obviously came through. :+1:


Arena - BBC2 now.

American roots music :+1:


Catching up on Season 1 of The Flash.



13 Reasons Why on Netflix, enjoying it. Episode 9 and just started this week.


Now, Blues at the BBC followed by Big Bill Broonzy

Long night ahead :wink:


I thought this was brilliant. Netflix keep coming out with this original shit.


American Gods just keeps delivering awesome.


Just got back from seeing this at the local film club

Not exactly a jolly night out, but raises some interesting issues in ways which can be both beautiful and touching.



Fargo Season 3 has just started.


Finished Public Enemy on Sky Atlantic I think.

French Policey type thing. Most enjoyable.


Isn’t it Belgian?

As for me…




I just finished watching Three Girls.

Harrowing & disturbing but extremely well made and well acted.



A few episodes in and Mr. MWS is complaining his mind has been hacked. I for one welcome the orgasmic human shrinker


About to chill out and watch The Dark Crystal.


Mmmm, Gelfling!